Fear, 2009, Cover art by Garry Leach

The 2D Collective is a group of artists and writers based in Derry, associated with the Verbal Arts Centre and the 2D Festival. Creators involved include John Campbell, D. J. McCay, Ciaran Flanagan and Mina Manzini. The group came together following a fifteen-week course in comic and digital illustration taught by David Campbell at the Verbal Arts Centre. The Verbal Arts Centre offered to publish an anthology of their work, and the result was Fear, which was given away free at the 2D Comics Festival on 4-6 June 2009. They met regularly after the festival, and got in touch with the Greater Shantallow Community Arts program, with whom they have produced the forthcoming anthology If Stones Could Speak, due to be published at the 2011 2D Festival.

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