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303 cover art by Jacen Burrows

303 is a six-issue miniseries written by Garth Ennis, drawn by Jacen Burrows, coloured by Greg Waller and Andrew Dalhouse, and published by Avatar Press in 2004-2005. It was collected as a graphic novel in 2007.

Its principal character is an unnamed Russian Spetsnaz colonel, and the title is derived from his prized .303 calibre Lee-Enfield Rifle. The story begins in contemporary Afghanistan, where the colonel and his team investigate a plane crash. Violence soon erupts after first British and then American military forces become involved in the investigation. In the aftermath, the colonel helps a wounded British SAS trooper who translates a document found on the plane. The document suggests that there is a high-level conspiracy in the United States; that the War on Terror was started in order to facilitate the west taking over the oil-rich Middle East.

The colonel travels alone to the United States in order to carry out a self-assigned mission, where he first faces a sheriff troubled by the loss of his wife because of the deficiency of their insurance. The story also focuses on the problems of illegal Mexican immigrants apparently exploited at a slaughterhouse called "McHell". The Colonel eventually assassinates the President of the United States with the intention of stopping the War on Terror, using his Lee-Enfield rifle using only iron sights, firing from behind a closed window.

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