Andrew Luke's Comic Book #5 (2005)

Andrew Luke's Comic Book is a series of small press comics by Andrew Luke. Seven issues were published between 2001 and 2008.

  • Issue 1 (1999) was a series of shorts featuring Quincy MD, The Ice Cream VanMan, Servant To The Muse, Stan(Lee) and Ian (Paisley) - They're In The Same Body!, and Pens Retirement Home. It was sized A6 with eight pages; following issues were sized A5 with 20-32 pages. Published with the Shareware Comics logo on the cover.
  • Issue 2 (2002) does double duty as the sixth and final issue of his previous series, Bob's. It was written by Andrew Luke, with art by Andrew, Patrick Brown and Dave Morris, front and back cover art and illustrations by P. J. Holden, and illustrations and a "Bob's Dogs" backup strip by Stuart Luke.
  • Issue 3, or "Episode III: Revenge of the Cantina" (2003), is a Star Wars parody in which Anakin Skywalker becomes a roadie for the Max Rebo Band.
  • Issue 4 (2005) is a mix of pop-culture humour and autobiographical stories.
  • Issue 5 (2005) is a piece of Ralph Kidson-esque humour with characters from Transformers doing mundane, everyday things.
  • Issue 6 (2007) is a first-person piece about political activism and apathy.
  • Issue 7 (2008) is a collection of short autobiographical and observational pieces.

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