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Miss West in her natural environment. Talking selfie with a cat,

Anthea West is a freelance artist, born in 1988 and had attended IADT from 2009 - 2014. Graduating with a bachelor degree in Animation, Anthea went on to work as a comic artist and illustrator for hire while launching two webcomics.

In January 2013, Anthea released her first graphic novel, The Earthbound God, making it the first Irish graphic of that year. In 2015 it was awarded a spot in the Irish Comic New Hall of Fame.

In February of 2014 after a successful Fund it campaign to raise funding for printing, Anthea released the artbook Girls and Monsters, It Seems.

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Fate follows the tale of a dustbunny called Bunny who is very unhappy to be in this story and wishes to go home to read.

Of August 2014 was the release of the first issue of Fate, an ongoing all ages fantasy series. The second issue was released later in April of 2015. On the second of June 2015 Fate was released as a webcomic with a fully colored first chapter.

On June 13th 2015 Miss West posted the first episode of her podcast Talking Bollox a podcast "where with bi weekly guests we talk about anything and everything from topical news to geek culture." As is quoted from the TB facebook page

On the 4th of December, 2015, Anthea released her second on going webcomic Imp. This is an interactive, experimental graphic novel styled comic where readers comment, prompt or vote on how the story will be moved forward.

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Cover for Imp. Follow the tale of an Imp called Aya being told what to do by unseen forces.

Dustbunnies are Anthea West's mascot. Created far back in secondary school they are the image of her studios, Dustbunny-Studios.

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