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Page from the forthcoming Wire and Gas

Anthony O'Neill is an artist originally from Dublin but now based in County Clare. He is one of the artists on the Abandoned Comics 2 part horror story Nestor (2012), and has drawn one story in the forthcoming First World War anthology Wire and Gas. He has also done a short 8 page story for Uproar Comics' Zombies Hi issue 6 entitled "The Heist" written by Mike Lynch. Anthony has also contributed many images to the Irish-comic-noodlers segment of Irish Comic News. In 2013 some of Anthony's writen and artistic work was featured in comic book legend "Mark Millar's" mounthly magazine "CLiNT" issue 2.6 along with fellow co writer Mike Lynch with a story intitled "LONDON CLiNT" "click here to see the comic strip" as well as a story in "GREEN MONKEY COMICS" first publication intitled "inocent tales...saviour" writen by Gavin Mccumiskey.

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london clint featured in MARK MILLARS CLiNT magazine

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