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From the Pants of Archie Templar

Archie Templar is an independent comic artist and illustrator based in Dublin. In 2007 he self-published Ireland's first full-colour, full-size, small press comic, From the Pants of Archie Templar. In the same year Bi Product Productions was launched as a platform for other artists and writers to publish their work from. Released in 2009, From the Desk of Archie Templar: In Articulo Mortis is a collection of illustrated short stories by Irish writers dealing with religion, insanity and murder.

He is working on a number of forthcoming comics, including From the Heart of Archie Templar: The Comic Book of Love, a series of strips contemplating that most intangible of things; Guns, Girls and the Facts of Life, a trailer-park crime story based on a screenplay by Hugh Lawton; Recent contributions to anthologies include include A Life, included on the charity graphic novel Spirit of Hope, and Why Don't You Call?, included in the Irish anthology ROMANTIC MAYHEM!.

Also published under Bi Product Productions: Two 24 hour comics in hi quality A4 format, The Pikes Peak Maneuver and The Novak Seven


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