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Arja kajermo and cat

Arja Kajermo

Arja Kajermo is a cartoonist who was born in Finland, grew up in Sweden and now lives in Dublin with her Irish husband, with whom she has two grown-up sons.

She has contributed cartoons and illustrations to most newspapers in Ireland as well as feminist, trade union and health publications, starting with In Dublin magazine in the 1970s, her cartoons from which were collected as a book, Dirty Dublin Strip Cartoons, from Poolbeg Press in 1982. She contributed cartoons to the feminist publisher Attic Press and occasionally to the Sunday Press, The Irish Times, Image magazine, Magill and others. Her strip "Dublin Four" ran in the Sunday Tribune. She also contributed to The Yellow Press in the 1990s. Her cartoon strip "Tuula" appears in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter and has also been collected as a book.

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