2011-02-20-Back Office Series 2-2-04

Rod, teamleader of the 'System Guys'

Back Office is a weekly webcomic, produced in Oslo, Norway by Irish Ex-Pat Mark Egan.

Launched in August 2010 on , the comic is drawn in a manga-esque style, and follows the adventures of several call-center agents in a fictional telecoms company.


Back Office mostly follows the struggles of Mike, a young man who has been hired to work at a Customer Support call-center. Soon after joining the company he is forced to deal with demonic team-leaders, vengeful customers, and finally an insane Call-Queue computer. By the end of 2010, the comic's cast included a female lead named Karen, and also featured several supporting characters.

Storytelling in Back Office can vary depending on plot. Some editions may be a simple 'joke-a-day' strip, while others would focus on longer story arcs, containing fewer jokes if any.

Back Office is currently updated every Monday.

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