Space 1949, drawn by Adrian Lutton, forthcoming

Dr. Bob Curran was born in County Down, and left school at 14, working as a lorry driver, musician and journalist. In the 1980s he wrote comics, creating "Scavenger", with artist Desi Hughes, for the Belfast small press anthology Ximoc in 1982, and co-writing "The Later Life of a Monster", with artist David Lloyd, and writing "The Last of the Vampires", illustrated by John Bolton, in Eclipse Comics' anthology Tales of Terror in 1985.

After a period of travelling, and a spell in the Civil Service, he went to university, gaining degrees in history, education and educational psychology, and after graduating became a teacher. He has published about 38 books on historical, cultural and folkloric subjects, which have been translated into various languages.

He is working on several new comics, including Joachim Darke, a 17th-century witch-hunter illustrated by David Dale, Space 1949 and Doc Lazarus, both drawn by Adrian Lutton, all of which are currently being trailed on his Bog Standard Comix website.

He now works mainly in community development in Northern Ireland and on cross-border initiatives for the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister, and lives on the north Derry coast with his wife and young family.

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