Brian John Spencer draws political cartoons and caricatures for the Irish news website Slugger O'Toole and American news site the Huffington Post. Founder & main contributor to LAD (loyalists against democracy) A parody of loyalist culture running on various social media platforms.

Brian is a law and languages graduate, avid sportsperson, researcher at think-tank and cartoonist extraordinaire living in London/Belfast. Having left the sanctuary of academia Brian has found himself trying to negotiate the swirling currents of the post-crisis job market and is currently interning at Westminster think-tank, sending off CVs, emails, pleas for a job and doing the odd cartoon in an effort to get a job in a corporate sweatshop (and/or both) make it big as a cartoonist. Actively tweeting from @speggy87.

In July 2012 he protested against computer problems at the Ulster Bank that prevented customers from accessing their accounts by erecting cartoons at main throughfares in Belfast.


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