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Ciaran Flanagan

Ciaran Flanagan (b. 9 March, 1978) is a sketch comedian, journalist and comics creator from Derry.

Flanagan has been an assistant to the 2d Festival since it's early years, and is one of the contributing authors in the 2d Collective.

He has regularly contributed graphic novel reviews to Verbal a magazine, published by the Verbal Arts Centre which enjoys province-wide distribution.

He has also hosted several events at the Festival; notably the pub quiz with Bobby Best and comedian Bec Hill.

In the run up to the 2012 event, Flanagan and Best ran a podcast, which featured on his blog, Freebirdswing. Shortly after, the podcast returned at a regular frequency, joint hosted with Irish Comic News. The show has takes the format of news and discussion between the hosts and an extended interview with one or more comics creators linked to the festival.

Flanagan returned to making comics around this time, writing short Free Bird's Wing strips illustrated by Hayley Gale.

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