Crampton Gore Punch

Cartoon from Punch, 1901

William Crampton Gore, painter and cartoonist, was born in 1871, the son of an army officer from Enniskillen. He studied medicine at Trinity College, graduating in 1897, and in 1898 spent a few months studying art at the Slade School in London under Henry Tonks. He worked as a ship's surgeon before returning to the Slade School in 1900, studying there until 1904, where he shared a studio with Augustus John and became friends with William Orpen.

From 1905 to 1939 he exhibited his paintings, mostly interiors and still-lives in oils, at the Royal Hibernian Academy, where he was elected an associate member in 1916 and a full member in 1918. He also drew cartoons for Punch. He died in Colchester, Essex, in the first quarter of 1946, aged 74.


Online referenceEdit

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