Story of Amelia Earhart

The Story of Amelia Earhart, 2007

Felicity McCall is a writer of plays, screenplays, novels and non-fiction. She is also the writer of the graphic novel The Story of Amelia Earhart, drawn by Joe Campbell and published by the Greater Shantallow Community Arts Project in 2007. Born in south Armagh, she lives in Derry.

Her work includes the play Agnes (2004), concerning the life of the Irish nursing pioneer Agnes Jones, and a TV film of the same name (2006), for which she won the Tyrone Guthrie Scriptwriting Award. An illustrated book, Agnes Jones, was published by Guildhall Press in 2006 as a companion piece to the film. No Goodbyes (2008), a performance piece about suicide written in co-operation with the mental health support group Steer, has toured extensively and won an ISPG nomination.

Other work includes a short film, Jam (Brassneck Productions, 2008), about a widower trying to bring up his teenage son; Sofa Surfers (2009), a play about hidden homelessness; and We Were Brothers (2009), a historical play about the Ulster and Irish regiments at the Battle of Messines in 1917. McCall is a director and founding member of theatre groups Handful Productions and Postscript, and of the film company Brassneck Productions.

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