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Finn & fish

Finn & Fish is a comic about Finn MacChumhaill and his sidekick the Salmon of Knowledge, created and self-published by Leeann Hamilton, with the first issue released in 2010. It is currently into its sixth issue as of 2014.

It is a retelling of the Salmon of Knowledge legend, and henceforth the adventures of Finn macChumaill being possessed by the Salmon, where the hero fails to hold down a job and is constantly down on his luck, in contrast to the legend.

Issue 1 is largely a flashback into how Finn and the Salmon met (cover is featured here), and issue 2 is Finn's battle against the fire faily Aileen and protecting a village (cover is of Sabh resting under a tree). Issue 3 is another flashback into Finn's first successful apprenticeship and how he first met Sabh (cover is a group shot of Finn, Salmon, Sabh, Oisin and Niamh), and issue 4 is a continuation of that story (cover is of Oisin framed by a circle).

Finn & Fish: The Rinse Cycle is the second stage of the series, with issue #1 released in June 2013 and issue #2 in May 2014.

The first four issues are now available as a graphic novel collection, called Finn & Fish: The Wash Cycle, released in May 2013.

Finn & Fish has won several awards in 2013, including Best Writer and Best Artist on The Arcade, a Seven Questions award for most mentioned favourite comic title and author, and was a nominee for Best European Comic 2013 in the True Believer's Awards in 2014.

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