Short sharp shocks

Short Sharp Shocks #1, 2010

Ger Hankey is an artist from Dublin and a contributor to the Sketch_Paddys blog. He drew Celtic Knights, an Irish superhero comic written by Stephen Paul Coffey, in 2008, and is the writer & artist of Short Sharp Shocks, a series collecting his short strips, the first issue of which was published in April 2010.

He has previously written and produced two issues of a superhero comic, Hybrid, about a gender-changing crime-fighter. He is currently involved in the "Transformers: Mosaic" projct run by the IDW Publishing forums. So far he has been invloved in the production of ten pieces for the project, as well as a number of five-six page fan comic strips.

Ger produced a 2-page comic strip entitled "3p.m. Slump" for the magazine for Irish Free Comic Book Day 2008.

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