Gomaith ("good") is a bilingual (Irish and English) webcomic about a couple of barroom philosophers called Mac and Ollie by Brian Fitzmaurice and Scott C. Durkin. It originally ran from February 2007 to March 2008, and is now offline.

"An irreverent look at the world from the high stool. A Daily Gaelic Comic Strip, translated into English, chronicled the debates of Mac n' Ollie, as well as disseminate the Irish language across the webs."

Gomaith went offline in March 2008 due to unscrupulous hacking of their site, resulting in a loss of nearly all of their archived data. Mac 'n Ollie were developed into a set of live action puppets performing sketches (in English) across the UK.

An anthology of Gomaith Comics is set to be published Spring 2015.

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