|thumb|250px|right|Heroes Unlimited issue 5, 1967?]]

HU - 1 COVER061 60 PER

Heroes Unlimited issue 1 cover

Heroes Unlimited was a comics fanzine created and published by Anthony Roche of Dublin (or possibly Dun Laoghaire), following on from his earlier zine, the Merry Marvel Fanzine.The MMF was arguably the first magazine devoted entirely to comics published at this side of the Atlantic and its intelligent tone and application set something of a standard for others to follow..Tony's new HU fanzine broadened the scope to encompass the whole comics industry with sorties into popular culture including music .From 1967 to 1969 it ran for seven issues of 44 to 48 pages, edited by Roche, Peter C. Phillips and Peter Simpson, and featured covers and original comic strips by Paul Neary and Ken Simpson, including Neary's "Captain Remus".[ Illustration below from HU # 7] Interviewees included Al Williamson and Dick Giordano and it carried a full report of the very first UK Comics Convention.


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