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Ireland graphic history

Cover art by Eoin Coveney

Ireland: a Graphic History is a graphic novel written by Michael Scott and Morgan Llewellyn and illustrated by Eoin Coveney. It was published by Dublin publisher Gill & McMillan Ltd in 1995.

It contains twelve tales from various periods of Irish history, bookended by a framing sequence set in 1995 as the troubles in Northern Ireland draw to a close.

  • Prologue - 1995
  • The Mystery of Newgrange - 3000 BC
  • The Fire on the Hill: St Patrick - 432 AD
  • Viking - c. 800
  • Brian Boru - 1074
  • A Wedding in Waterford: Strongbow and Aoife - 1170
  • The Long March - 1602
  • Nits Make Lice: Cromwell - 1649
  • Orange and Green: The Battle of the Boyne - 1690
  • Who Fears to Speak of '98 - 1802
  • Famine: The Hungry Years - 1849
  • The Uncrowned King - 1879
  • The 1916 Rising - 1916
  • The Troubles - 1995

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