Irish Comic News is a news website founded by Tommie Kelly in 2011, with contributions from Patrick Brown, Hilary Lawler, David O'Leary, Andrew Luke and Gar Shanley.

Shanley and Luke left during the following year[1], following differences of opinion related to the site's content, with the latter re-publishing his contributions on his own website.

ICN AwardsEdit


Best Irish indy artistEdit

Best indy published Irish writerEdit

Best mainstream published Irish artistEdit

Best mainstream published Irish writerEdit

Best Irish web or digital comicEdit

Best Irish indy comicEdit

Best Irish creator mainstream published comicEdit

  • Zombies Hi
  • Also nominated: Thunderbolts, Venom, PIGS, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye

Best Irish comic related blog/websiteEdit

Best Irish comic shopEdit

Overall best Irish comicEdit

Best comic relatd/featured Irish podcastEdit

Hall of Fame (individual)Edit

Hall of Fame (comic)Edit


The inaugural 2011 ICN Awards were announced, after a two-stage public vote, on 1 November 2011. The winners were:

Best self-published Irish artist (2011)Edit

Best self-published Irish writer (2011)Edit

Best mainstream published Irish artist (2011)Edit

Best mainstream published Irish writer (2011)Edit

Best Irish webcomic (2011)Edit

Best Irish self-published comic (2011)Edit

Best Irish creator mainstream published comic (2011)Edit

Best Irish comic-related blog or podcast (ICN is exempt)Edit

Best Irish comic shopEdit

Overall best Irish comic (2011)Edit

Hall of Fame (individual)Edit

Hall of Fame (comic)Edit

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