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How others see us. I'm not including Irish-American characters, or Irish characters created in British or American comics by Irish creators.

American comicsEdit


  • Shamrock - a superheroine whose powers come from the spirits of war victims.
  • Banshee, a member of the X-Men with a "sonic scream". Despite the name, Banshee is male. His daughter Siryn inherited his powers.
  • Black Tom Cassidy, Banshee's arch enemy. Has plant-based powers.
  • Cuchulain, mythological superhero from Guardians of the Galaxy


  • Silver Banshee - a female supervillain and enemy of Superman, who, like her male counterpart at Marvel, has a "sonic scream"
  • The Gay Ghost - a murdered 18th century Irish earl whose ancestors sent him back to earth to fight for justice. Later renamed the Grim Ghost.
  • Jack O'Lantern - a poor farmer's son given a magic lantern by a fairy that gives him super-powers.


  • Hellstrike, from Stormwatch, is a former RUC man from Belfast with energy powers

Newspaper stripsEdit

British comicsEdit


  • Sláine - Pat Mills' Celtic barbarian who became the first High King of Ireland
  • Finnigan Sinister, of Dan Abnett's European hitman duo Sinister Dexter

European comicsEdit

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