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Laydeez do Comics - Dublin is a quarterly comic book networking meeting in Dublin set up by writers Maura McHugh and Lynda Rucker in May 2013.

The first Laydeez do Comics event began in London organised by illustrator Nicola Streeten and artist Sarah Lightman. It developed into a monthly series of meetings in the city to explore the diverse expressions of sequential art, with an emphasis on small press and indie titles, comix, and graphic novel memoirs.

The events are women-led, not women-only, and usually feature speakers with a variety of comic book experiences.

Similar meetings have since sprung up around the world, with regular LdC events taking place in Brighton, Bristol, Chicago, Glasgow, Leeds, and San Francisco as well as Dublin.

The first Dublin meeting took place in the Odessa Club, Dublin, on the 22 May 2013.


May 22, 2013 meeting

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