Irish Melody

Irish Melody, 1994

Lester Cockney is a series of graphic albums by Belgian writer-artist Franz Drappier, starring Lester Mahoney, a young Irishman, known as "Lester Cockney" because of his English father, who joins the British army and has globe-trotting adventures in the 19th century, from Afghanistan and the Punjab to Hungary and America. Two albums, Irish Melody and Shamrock Song, tell of Lester's childhood in Ireland.


  1. Les fous de Kaboul ("the madmen of Kabul", 1982)
  2. La neige était crissante ("the snow was crisp", 1983)
  3. Une hongroise au Pendjab ("A Hungarian in the Punjab", 1984)
  4. Je veux retourner à Pecs! ("I want to return to Pecs!", 1985)
  5. Le Roi des Dalmates ("the king of the Dalmatians", 1987)
  6. Les Conjurés du Danube ("the conspirators of the Danube", 1987)
  7. La déchirure ("the killing", 1993)
  8. Irish Melody (1994)
  9. Shamrock Song (1996)
  10. Oregon Trail (2005)
  11. Mise au poing ("put in hand", 2005)


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