Longstone Comics is an anthology published by the Longstone Comics collective/publisher.

Issue 1 The first Longstone Comics anthology, published in October 2008, features:

Issue 2Edit

The second Longstone Comics anthology, published in May 2009, features:

  • "Survival" written by Matthew De Barra, art by Deirdre De Barra
  • SuperHilbo!: "Thar She Blows" by Hilary Lawler
  • "Caliban 6", written by Peter C. Loftus, art by Ian Pettitt
  • "Good Gunge" by Gavin Marks amd Deirdre de Barra
  • "The Precipice" written and drawn by Jason Groarke, coloured by Deirdre de Barra
  • "Rant Boy" by Jason Groarke
  • "Bar Flies", written by Peter C. Loftus, art by Hilary Lawler
  • Untitled comic strip by Gavin Marks
  • "The Breakup", written and drawn by Ben Hennessy, inked by Gavin Marks

Issue 3Edit

The third issue, published in October 2009 and entitled They Came From Outer Space, is a collaborative sci-fi/horror story written by Peter C. Loftus, with sections drawn by Hilary Lawler, Ben Hennessy, Deirdre de Barra, Ian Pettitt, Jason Groarke and Gavin Marks.

Issue 4Edit

The fourth issue was released at 2D in 2010, and includes "The Murder Room" by Peter C. Loftus and Hilary Lawler, and "White Canvas" by Peter C. Loftus, drawn by Kieran McKeown and inked by Gavin Marks, Deirdre de Barra, Ian Pettit, Hilary Lawler and the author.

Issue 5Edit

The fifth issue was released at 2D in 2011 and is a stand alone story by Peter Loftus with artwork and layout by Ian Pettitt.

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