Mark Egan (b. Dublin, 28 July 1982) is an artist currently working on Back Office , a manga-style office comedy set in a call-center.

Originally from Leixlip in Co. Kildare, he spent a year living in China before emegrating to Norway in 2007 in search of work. Before leaving Ireland, he attended Griffith College Dublin where he completed a BSc in Computer Science. He orignally drew inspiration from Gary Larson and his Far Side series, but from 1999 onwards he began to employ a manga-style in his work.


Egan first released a manga-style comic named Bata Neart on a short lived German arts magazine 'YesIf ' in 2006. Following the closure of YesIF , Egan continued to draw Bata Neart unreleased until 2010 when he used a similar style to draw Back Office.

Back Office was launched with in July 2010, where it is hosted to this day, with weekly updates. Egan runs the website himself and plans to re-release Bata Neart there, later in 2011.

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