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NewsZoom was a Belfast based comic, published twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays by the Arts and Disability Forum (ADF). Subtitled, "Northern Ireland's Favourite Comics Newspaper!", thirteen editions appeared between and Thursday 2 February and Thursday 15 March, 2012 .

It was researched and drawn in it's entirety by Andrew Luke and focussed on current news stories, with the A3 format emulating the broadsheet to make for a comics version of the news.

The immediate area around the residency provided a source for local stories including the plans of Occupy Belfast, and the printer layoffs set in motion by the Belfast Telegraph. (Both groups had buildings facing the ADF, in The Cathedral Quarter) Luke also featured a piece on Minister Nelson McCausland's cuts to the arts funding in the area were the comic was published from a space converted into a one-man news-room. There was also a piece on the controversy over the imprisonment of the domesticated dog Lennox, wrongly classified as a pitbull by the City Council and later put to death.

Other pieces included coverage of the protests against the ACTA internet regulations, the government benefit contract with A4e, who had run up large expense accounts, The Leveson Enquiry and the media blackout surrounding Ron Paul.

External LinksEdit

NewsZoom - Archives of all 13 editions.

Post-Press - Blog entry on NewsZoom and the ADF "In Time" residency.

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