Nightmare Scenario is a horror strip running in Lightning Strike Presents, written by Stephen Carey, drawn by Kevin Weldon and coloured by Darren Brown.

Tormentor demons appear to people in their dreams and use fear in an attempt to take over the person’s mind. The tormentors use forms that represent a fear or weakness within the person (such as clowns or scarecrows for example). If a demon is successful, they will have complete control over their victim allowing them to cause trouble in the real world. That’s where the mysterious Mr. Night comes in. He appears in people’s nightmares to help fight off and defeat the tormentor.

At first, Mr. Night can only guide the victim to fight back and weaken the demon, by giving them advice, reassuring them and gaining their trust. When they do have the strength, they can damage the tormentor, revealing it’s true form. Night can then use the power in his cane to shine a light that will destroy the demon.

No one knows who Mr. Night is or where he comes from, only he knows the secrets of his past. Only he knows how he travels from one nightmare to the next with the power to defeat the tormentors.

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