Optimus and me

Optimus and Me is a semi-autobiographical minicomic created and published by Andrew Luke in 2008, in which a teenage Andrew talks about his day with Optimus Prime of the Transformers. 20 pages, about 10x7 cm. The original art pages were given away free to early customers during it's launch at London Underground Comics.[1]

A second minicomic, Transformers 2, was released in 2009 at London Underground Comics 176 event.[2] The book opens with Ian Paisley boycotting the Michael Bay Transformers movie.The story contains the parallel narratives of Andrew's investment in christianity, and his first feelings of adult romantic infatuation. It uses Transformers metaphorically and concerns his ability to reconcile these two worlds as Optimus takes him to meet the God of the Transformers, Primus. The works share devices and format, but are very different in tone. Alternatively titled Crush, the 16 page work was made available on Twitpic in four daily installments during 2010.

A third work, The Moods of Prime premiered at the 2012 Dublin Zine Fair. Created as a way for the author to write himself out of a spate of depression, It involves his teenage self taking a walk through a green spot with Optimus. A colour version and a black and white version were available, running to twenty pages..The author considered it "a true sequel". The original Optimus and Me was made available online for free the week before launch.

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