Last Bus #1 by Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch is a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer from Dublin, and one half, with his partner Katie Blackwood, of small publisher Cardboard Press.

His comics, generally in a small-scale, slice-of-life vein, include:

  • Home Again, Home Again (2008), a wordless 8-page minicomic about making your way home from the pub
  • Last Bus (2008), about the work and home life of a jobsworth bus driver
  • You Can Never Return (2008), a 12-page dream story, cut from Last Bus and published on the web instead
  • Right On (2008), a set of short strips published to coincide with 24 Hour Comics Day
  • Stop Gap (2009), a collection of short strips
  • In the Aquarium (2009), in which a man unsuccessfully tries to forget his troubles in a trip to an aquarium
  • The 28th of August (2009), a mincomic about childhood
  • Johnson (2009), a minicomic about a put-upon office worker

Together with Blackwood and Philip Barrett, he is one of the founders of Edition Book Arts. He helps to run the monthly Dublin Comic Jam, and has contributed to the Irish Comic Challenge website. He is currently working on Big Jim, a graphic novel for The O'Brien Press with writer Rory McConville, about trade union leader Jim Larkin.

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