Faust issue 1, 2012

Pearlmoon Productions is an animation production company and digital comics publisher founded in 2012 in County Londonderry by writer, animator, designer and illustrator Una Gallagher, and writer, musician and web designer John Connor.

Pearlmoon comics were formatted at A5, with a glossy colour cover, typically running to 20-24 pages, and the authors were heavily influenced by the manga style. The company split late in 2012 .  Their comics include:

  • Faust, a projected four-issue series adapting the Faust legend, written by Connor and drawn by Gallagher
  • Passing Days, a one-off about a man contemplating his life on his last day alive, written by Connor and drawn by Gallagher with accompanying music by Connor
  • The Adventures of Me, an autobiographical webcomic by Gallagher.
  • Two Lives , a two-part series featuring two friends, Haen and Doe, each figure iconically placed on the front of a gatefold cover of each itssue. The story is about how their lives torn apart by unfortunate circumstance. and their journey to get revenge for what was done.

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