Peter Donnelly is an Irish based illustrator and director.

He has over twenty years experience creating award winning artwork for advertising agencies, animation studios and children’s book publishers. In ad land he works with many leading clients where his illustrations have picked up AMPC Gold star awards with agencies including Ogilvy One and Marketing Network Ltd. Peter has also worked with several leading animation film companies both in Europe and the United States such as 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks SKG, Don Bluth Studios and Hahn film. As a feature artist he has been credited on over fifteen box office films to date in a variety of artistic roles.His work in children’s television includes art directing the globally successful and award winning animated series PicMe for Jam Media Ltd and he regularly designs for Oscar nominated studio, Brown Bag films.

His collaborations in animation have won several awards including IFTA's, Digital Media Awards and a Golden Unicorn. As a book illustrator Peter was one of the artists chosen by An Gúm (the leading Irish publishing house) to illustrate a primary school resource pack, a project which spanned over five years and seen him illustrate over twenty three children’s books for a wide range of age groups. In educational publishing he illustrates for many clients including the Oxford University Press London, Mentor Books and Edco. He is partner/creative director in The Station, a pre-visualization company which develops storyboards, animatics and animation for the advertising sector. Peter is a member of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland and has lectured students in film preproduction at the New Media Technology College in Dublin.

He owes all his achievements to scientology and a faith in his all mighty Zog.

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