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Extracurricular Activities (2008)

Rory McConville is a writer from Cork. Comics he has written include Extracurricular Activities with artist Federico Zumel, a story of the murder of a young school teacher, which won Zuda's webcomic competition for November 2008; and superhero spoof The Mundane Overrated Misadventures of Spudman, with artist Nacho Fernandez and colourist/letterer Allen Freeman, which also appeared on Zuda in 2007. He also wrote "Obsession", drawn by Luisa Risso, in Ronin Illustrated vol 2 (2007), "To the Extreme", drawn by Brett Buckle, in Something Wicked #4 (2008), and "Discipline", drawn by Stephen Beckett, in FutureQuake #13 (2009). He is currently working on Big Jim, a historical graphic novel about trade union leader Jim Larkin, with artist Patrick Lynch for The O'Brien Press.

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