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Issue 1, 1992

Star Comics was a comic self-published in Belfast in 1992 by Patrick O'Connor. The first issue, 32 pages, black and white photocopied, A4 stapled and taped down one side, contained two strips:

  • "Knight Force", an extended, re-scripted and re-lettered version of O'Connor's superhero strip "Knight Strike", which had appeared in NutScrewsWashersNBolts issue 3 the same year, here credited to Patrick and Dorothy O'Connor
  • "The Demonic Scribbler", written by Malachy Coney (credited as "Malachy Covey") and drawn by O'Connor, a re-written version of the strip "Demon Scribbler" by Coney and Seán Doran that had appeared in NutScrewsWashersNBolts issue 1 in 1990

It also included one-page trails for "Death Hunter" by Patrick and Dorothy O'Connor, and a second "Knight Force" story entitled "Warpath". Whether either were ever published I don't know.

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