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Old fairy tales

Thomas Edward Donnison (b. Ireland or Liverpool, c. 1861; d. 1903) was a joke cartoonist and illustrator. Educated at Rugby School, he became a solicitor, taking art lessons in his spare time. Eventually he became a full-time cartoonist and illustrator, working for the Boy's Own Paper, Fun, Longbow, Puck, ;;Judy and Moonshine, and drawing "pre-history" cartoons in To-Day similar to those of George Morrow and E. T. Reed in Punch.

He published three books of cartoons, The Jaw-Cracking Jingles (1899), Odds and Ends and Old Friends (1902) and Pure Fun for Boys of All Sizes (1903). He also wrote and illustrated a picture book, Old Fairy Tales Told Anew (c. 1900).


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