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At the turn of the year the Tele was running Mutt & Jeff by Bud Fisher. "Blackbird" wrote and illustrated Anne's Fairy Godmother, a children's serial that ran every Monday throughout the year.


Mutt and Jeff continued daily throughout the year. "Blackbird"'s serial this year is called The Magic Watch.


Mutt and Jeff continued. "Blackbird"'s serial this year is called The Tale of Li-Po and Su-Su. The first home-grown comic strip, The Doings of Dudly by Fonn, debuted on Tuesday 2nd September, running three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The Boy's Own Paper had a comic strip called "The Doings of Dudley", credited to Frederick Garnett, in 1924-25. Yet to be determined if this is the same strip and artist.


The Doings of Dudly runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays until 14 March, after which it's replaced by another Fonn strip, Button's Biography, at the same frequency. "Blackbird"'s weekly serial this year is called The Golden Walnut. On 7 September a new daily strip started, Cat Tales for the Kiddies. Signed, but illegible. On 28 September Bill Glenn's Oscar launched.

Mutt and Jeff continued until the end of January. A daily strip, Bunty and the Car by H. O. Batho, ran from 5 February to 3 July. Batho was an English artist, and there are references to the General Election of 1924, complete with posters for the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Parties, so this is presumably a reprint from an English paper. Another American strip, Winnie Winkle the Breadwinner by Martin Branner, started on 24 July, and ran until 18 September, when it was replaced by The Gumps by Sydney Smith.

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