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The Dark Issue 1 cover

Cover of issue 1, cover art by David Houston, 1990

The Dark was a 28 page A5 publication published from Finaghy, Belfast in the early 1990s by David Houston, also thought to be working under the psuedonym, D Star. The collection included five stories (one of which was a text piece), with themes of science fiction and black magic. Intended as a continuing publication, it never made it past its first issue, a conciliation Star made in the introduction. The Dark bore the cover price of 35p.

Houston produced most of the work in the collection. Jim Clarke lettered one strip ("Space-Time"), while Mallon scripted another, which Star provided the visuals for and Plug! lettered "Star-Balls". The only exception was "The Misfits", which was entirely executed by Sean Doran.

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