The Green Fields of France by Cliodhna Lyons (2004)

The Green Fields of France is a 23 page comic created and published by Cliodhna Lyons in June 2004. Based on the song of the same name by Eric Bogle (also recorded as "No Man's Land" and "Willie McBride") to a fallen soldier of the First World War. Originally created for a curated exhibition titled "In Exile" at the Visual Arts Gallery in New York in 2004, the artwork is a series of 8 11" x 14" scratchboard pages. The piece was inspired by the artists visit to the military graveyards at the Somme, in Northern France, in the summer of 2003.

In late 2004 it was first published in book forum as a limited edition silkscreened hand bound hard cover book of which an edition of 30 was printed and later as a smaller digitally reproduced soft cover book.

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