The Wren
, created in 2007 by Dubliners Jason Browne, co-writers Mark Kirwan and Sean Teeling and letterer Phil Roe and published by The Land of Button Press Publications, is an all ages Superhero comic. It is the adventures of Jack McCormack, a 12/13 year old boy growing up in Dubh-lynn, a city in the country of Hibernia. He has inherited superpowers from his parents and now learns what it is to become a hero while trying to juggle everything else that comes with the "Hero" territory and being a teenager.

The comic was created out of a gap in Irish Comics for a superhero comic and one that could be read by all ages. Looking for a comic book of an Irish Superhero adventure in line with Saturday morning cartoons, Connor couldn't find so set about creating it himself. As to give them more of an adventurous scope, Connor and Kirwan decided to change Ireland to Hibernia and Dublin to Dubh-lynn. Although a lot remains the same, some things have been altered as to accommodate the world that Jack McCormack lives in.

It is a world where the Dé Danaan have left their mark through blood ties. Some people are born with superhuman gifts that are side effects from the Sidhé (Fairyfolk/ Dé Danaan) living and marrying humans. These gifts give rise to heroes, and also villains - for not all who are gifted wish to fight for the greater good.

Jack is a huge fan of modern day heroes who fly above and protect the city of Dubh-lynn. was born from a line which had been gifted with Sidhé blood through his ancient ancestors. He would never know his mother, Starling, one of Hibernias cherished heroes, who was struck down battling a dark scourge who wants Hibernia returned to others. He dreams of following in the footsteps of his Mother and Hibernia's Flying Column, a band of Heroes who protect its shores. As his powers start to emerge, his grandfather, Dr David McCormick seeks help to train him.

Jack McCormack is joined on the rooftops by Weaver. She is helping Dr McCormack hone Jack's powers and skills to make him a good if not great hero. Weaver herself has great dexterity and can transform items into bigger or smaller size it seems and also even change them into something else! Jack also has two best friends, Meggan Browne, "a control freak" in Jack's words, and Sam Taylor, who is even more obsessed with Superheroes than Jack, if that's possible.

But! Jack being an adolescent reckons he's ready for action!! Adventure ensues.

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