Three Cheers For Mute Ingloriousness was a humorous small press comic released in Cork City by Brian "Batters" Moloney between 2002 and 2004. Two issues were published, with the first issue becoming popular enough to justify a second print run. Several copies of both issues were printed again for the Dublin 24 Hour Comics Day 2008 as well. Some of the individual strips featured in the comic were also used in the UCC Express student newspaper.

The strips dealt with a cast of several students based in Cork and the various issues they dealt with. Cedric, the main character, is a non-conformist goth who criticises the many faults he finds with the world and laments his status as the most hated human being on the planet. He frequently argues with his best friend over his perceived shallowness and willingness to go along with whatever MTV has decreed trendy. Other characters include a in-comic version of Brian himself, several stoner acquaintances, the Devil and Banjé, the benevolent spliff elemental.

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