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Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow


Tinderbox are a Dublin-based not-for-profit, creative network founded in March 2009. The collective use a wide variety of art forms, including comics. To date, they have put together six zines, the second catalogued at the National Library of Ireland.  The collective are behind the anthology Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow

Prominent Irish comixers contributing include Elida Maiques and Phil Barrett. The nature of the zine strips allows artists not adept in comics practice to try their hand at short form pieces. Those who have done so include Ro Maguire and Emma Rowe.

Aims Edit

Tinderbox state their aims as to,

  • create opportunities for emerging artists to share their work with a wider audience
  • to run skill-exchange workshops for anyone who wishes to broaden their creative skills
  • to generate a community that offers support, feedback and enthusiasm about creativity

Gods and Monsters of TomorrowEdit

From the website,

Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow is a book of poetry, short stories and artwork by 21 Irish-based authors and artists.
The project's theme started with the documentary "Into Eternity", which led us to Onkalo, Finland. Home to a nuclear repository that must remain sealed and hidden for 100,000 years.
We invited some of our favourite authors and artists to produce a piece in response to Onkalo. In their work we encounter fairy tales, science-fiction, apocalyptic futures, mutations, dreams and the madness of science. Their writing ranges from resonating poems to short stories to monologues. The visual pieces range from delicate pencil drawings, to comic/graphic narrative to digital art.The work of the contributing authors and artists is among the most interesting being produced in Ireland today.

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