Toenail Clippings cover art

Toenail Clippings was a Main Street shelf comics anthology published in Dublin, and printed in Kilkenny by Big If Publications from 1998 to 2002.

It was largely run by Brendan Byrne, Steven Weekes, Des McElroy, Gavin Beattie, Gabriel Reyes and Paul Jennings. Though this was the core group it did feature significant contributions by Bob Byrne. Other artists included Aiden Harte and Jean Jacques-Rouger.

Toenail Clippings was published in A4 behind a colour cover with 32 pages. It featured self-contained strips, ranging from three panels to four pages. It was supported by advertising from within the Dublin area, and was stocked in Virgin Megastores. It was well received in Ireland, Britian, parts of America and at Angouleme. However there was not enough interest to sustain the comic in print past a fourth issue. Brendan Byrne continued to run Toenail Clippings after that through the website, uploading new and old strips on a daily basis for some time.

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