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Ties of Blood

From "Ties of Blood" by Danny McLaughlin and Kevin Logue

Walled City Dreams is a 56 page one-off anthology published in Derry in 2011, with the assistance of the Earhart Festival, the ARC Programme, Greater Shantallow Community Arts the Arts Council. All the stories are connected to Derry in some way. Contents are:

  • "Distant Fields", a First World War ghost story by Joe Campbell
  • "Soulhunter", a time travel story by John Campbell
  • "Ties of Blood", a Halloween fantasy story written by Danny McLaughlin and drawn by Kevin Logue
  • "The Last Refuge", a tongue-in-cheek superhero story by Darren McCay
  • "The Derry Ripper", a prose story set in Derry in the future

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