Wasted epiphanies 2

Wasted Epiphanies #2, March 2007

Wasted Epiphanies, series of four minicomics created and published in Oxford by Deirdre Ruane between summer 2006 and spring 2008, collected as One Word for Everything in July 2009, and a webcomic published from May 2009, collected as Waiting for the Mothership in December 2010.

It's a series of short strips, from autobiographical vignettes to observation to familiar scenes seen from unusual points of view to flights of fancy, with occasional recurring characters like "Tempin' Bear", a polar bear whose ice-floe has melted and who has to make a living in unsuitable office jobs, and "The Many Deaths of Buzz the Caveman", a prehistoric man whose tendency to be nice keeps removing him from the gene-pool.

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